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Manufacture / Re: The Purest ORMUS
« Last post by Chatlonut on November 30, 2017, 07:09:54 PM »
I want to see what you develop. I hope it will be as I expected. Where can I keep track of your work?
General Discussion / Re: Trouble Shooting Magnetic Trap
« Last post by Chatlonut on November 30, 2017, 07:07:01 PM »
I have the same problem with you. How do I fix it? I hope there is an answer for me.
General Discussion / Re: Trouble Shooting Magnetic Trap
« Last post by Deboyhoro on September 14, 2017, 02:11:17 PM »
Write content that complements the type that can be used on a daily basis to keep up much longer without education.
Welcome to the ORMUS Forum / Re: New Here!
« Last post by Deboyhoro on September 14, 2017, 02:11:02 PM »
There are more great content to make up the creek we come here all the time for several hours.
Product Reports / Re: Fatigue
« Last post by Barriero on September 08, 2017, 05:01:31 PM »
Hi cowboy, any updates?
General Discussion / Re: ormus and fulvic acid
« Last post by JuliePatchouli on August 22, 2017, 01:48:09 AM »
Hi Ya'll,  Julie here from Orlando.  Just learned about ORMUS last weekend. Aug 2017. 

Been cramming about it since then.  Want to get some after one dose last weekend at New World Consciousness Conference that I saw a little of on Vendor Sunday.  Got the speaker list.  Started pursuing what I missed with the speakers.  WOW.  So Don Nance was there. As I see videos, it seems like he is a current esteemed ORMUS maker and facilitator of ORMUS help.  But reclusive. 

So the question this post is about Fulvic Acid.  I am currently working with a great Humic / Fulvic acid.  I take two ounces, twice daily.  That is up from one ounce, twice daily.  I increased my dosage because my body was still in a lot more pain.  When we are under more stress, we use more minerals.  When we are in loud situations, we lose more magnesium. 

Our environment, including -- barometric pressures, humidity, temperature, molds, viruses, EMFs from our wifi's, PC's, cellphones, etc., -- effect our human '100 trillion cell community' - our cellular skin suits, drinking in stimuli and information from everywhere, affecting our inner world. Everyone is different energetically.  Everyone has differences, like right brain thinking and left brain thinking.  There are layers of PSTD from past abuses, there are infections thought gone from long ago (mononucleosis - the kissing disease) that comes back in spades as EBV (Epstein Barre Virus,) each human 100 trillion cell community trying to keep the spiral of life going in a positive direction, rather than a downward spiraling of ill health and a slowing down of ability to be active as one ages.

So Humic Fulvic minerals are from prehistoric plant life mined from deep in the earth.  I think the one I work with has about 78 different minerals.  The bottle does not say what those minerals they are.  The liquid looks like dirty water. It has no taste.  Maybe like a sweet water.  My body loves it.  But I do not detect any such properties from it as I have read about ORMUS.

Humic Fulvic creates a more alkaline environment, even if it calls itself Fulvic acid.  It is in no way an acid that I can detect for my body.  But I am not a scientist or an expert.  Where I work, we have a couple of different products that have HFI.  Some are stronger than others.  The stronger ones cost more.  I take the less expensive of the two.  But now that I have doubled up my dosage, maybe I should just go to the stronger one.

However, at the conference last weekend, I did  couple of things. (1)The first thing I did was tried a vendors liquid Gold, liquid Iodine, and liquid Silver.  (2) The second thing I did was, I got my aura picture taken and read.  That was interesting.  My aura was a red orb totally covering me all around.  You could not even see my face or my body at all.  Just RED with some orange and some yellow.  When she read it, she said passion.  When my boss saw it, she said anger.    Hmmm.   (3) The third thing I did was lay for 30 minutes on a Juan de Dio Chakra Color Light Crystal Bed.  Each Chakra hovering over the correct energy center of my body, blinking the color associated with that chakra blink blink blink for 30 minutes with children chanting sweet innocent songs in a headset.

And this week has been an intensive crash course in synchronicity, learning, coincidence, abundance!!!, blessings, well-being, better focus,...  I got to get me some.

But which one to take.  And I am quite positive, using my intuition that ORMUS will jive perfectly with my humic fulvic acid.  And maybe I can optimize my health so I won't need the humic fulvic any more?  Or maybe the ORMUS will just be needed some of the time.
Welcome to the ORMUS Forum / Re: New Here!
« Last post by Rothcombs on May 15, 2017, 02:42:26 PM »
What is the result after your cultivation?
General Discussion / Re: Trouble Shooting Magnetic Trap
« Last post by Rothcombs on May 15, 2017, 02:38:53 PM »
If I find myself to do something, can I recommend it?...
Manufacture / Re: The Purest ORMUS
« Last post by Eyeson9s on May 12, 2017, 02:40:38 PM »
Yeah, I've seen recipes calling for a variety of different pH values to cap out on.  I'm not sure what to believe and there's no real way to test this is there.  Who does actually know and how do they know?  I guess you'd have to do an analysis of products using both systems.
Generally the Pink Sea Salts are from the Pakistan mine. These are very good and ancient ocean salts. I suspect the Pink is traces of iron oxide 
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