Powder of Gold

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ORMUS Manufactures and Sources

A directory of known ORMUS and Monoatomic product manufacturers and suppliers.


Alchemical Elixirs uses Organic Alchemy to create its Ormus. They report It synchronizes Brain Hemispheres, increases Psychic ability and creates Joy, Health and longevity.  http://www.alchemicalelixirs.com 
This is an Australian Supplier that ships Worldwide.

The Atman Principle
To provide the world with high-quality subtle energy supplements for the betterment of humankind. Company Overview: The Atman Principle was created as an answer to a physically and spiritually polluted world to make advanced materials available for the uplifting and restoration of humanity to it's rightful place in the Cosmos. Products can be found here:
Also on Facebook Here:

White Powder Gold made from 24k gold, and held in a liquid suspension for precisely measured dosage http://www.whitepowdergold.com/
This site incorporates numerous links and helpful background information.

Ambrosia Technology for highly perfected m-state products from deep sea water and selected organic sources http://www.liquid-chi.com/
This company uses a structured course level approach for its product range. 

Priestess Alchemy for superior Quintessential Elixirs, formulated to bring ancient science into the new millennium http://www.priestessalchemy.com/
Uniquely devised skin care and cosmetic products also available.

Pureganic Mineral Company for frequency charged PureGold suspension and regenerative Liquid Manna http://www.Pureganic.com/
Also m-state mineral powder for plant growth and soil enhancement. 

Harmonic Innerprizes energy medicines. Naturally occuring monatomic minerals from volcanic seabed http://www.harmonicinnerprizes.com
Including Etherium Gold, Chamae Rose and others.

Energetic Nutrition are suppliers of Etherium Gold and energy field formulations http://www.energeticnutrition.com/hi/gold.html
Some useful information regarding biofeedback and EEG reports. 

ZeroPoint Technologies for optimized superhealth and energy products from gold, silver and platinum groups http://zptech.net/
High energy range also features the revolutionary mineral, indium.

Ascension Alchemy formulates ORMUS powder and sublingual products From pure gold
Also m-state products from the Great Salt Lake, the Dead Sea and plants. 

Monét synergistic anti-aging cream. A unique formulation of natural ingredients for all skin types. http://www.monetcosmetics.co.uk
With m-state elements and electrically charged water soluble minerals.

Resonance Health are UK supplies of Etherium Gold and other energy field formulations http://www.resonance-health.biz/
Range includes Star Stuff with bee pollen and m-state elements. 

Life Enthusiast Co-op for Tamahi Minerals with magma water, m-state and nano elements http://www.life-enthusiast.com/
Also featured is Golden Life-Force Ambrosia.

Magnetic Traps

Cherokee Gold Manufacture and sell Magnetic Vortex Water Traps for extracting ORMUS colloids from your own water source, as well as spring water concentrated with ORMUS colloids

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