Powder of Gold

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Warnings about ORMUS

Cypher: I know what you're thinking, 'cause right now I'm thinking the same thing. Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?

This is not witchcraft vaporware if you consume a known good Ormus, you will feel it, it is Real.

If you think the Hu sound or possibly Angels and Demons is going to scare you, do not consume too much Ormus! If you don't know what Hu is you should study that before consuming ORMUS or Monoatomic products. Loud Hu is a very common experience of Ormus users, I have herd of people that apparently "overdose" on Ormus say it is so loud almost deafening! if you overdose this may not go away for many months or years!

My advice is if you consume Ormus or Monoatomic Gold take a very small amount first, wait several days or a week and let your body and mind understand the effects, You may hear loud Hu after consuming only micrograms of some Monoatomic Alchemic preparations, that is to say about the size of a 4mm discarded paper punch would perhaps be too much for some. The experience seems to be you wake up in the morning and find things very unusual or frighteningly real.
Many liquid Ormus preparations dose size seems to be around 2.5ml, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! What I suggest at your own risk is test just a few drops first, and wait a good period of time before continuing use.

Do Not put it in your neighbors cup of tea!

ALWAYS purchase Ormus from a Reputable manufacturer and follow their advice exactly, I suggest you also study what many others have had to say about their products and ask questions before ordering a product online.
Do not attempt to make ORMUS or Monoatomics yourself until you have educated yourself considerably and willing to wear your own risk.

"Be your own light" said Buddha

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and thanks to Barry Carter of http://www.subtleenergies.com

A CAUTION and Please Read.

Barry Carter wrote this summary recently about the past experiences of the pioneers of this research:

The material that Hudson supplied to people contained about half a percent of ORMUS gold.

The gentleman who fasted for 43 days and had the kundalini awakening experience did not take any pure ORMUS gold during that period. Much later he took "very little" ORMUS gold for "not very long".

David Hudson also implied that this gentleman was going through the "Egyptian Rite of Passage" which was a nine month process which started with a fast and ended with the person becoming a "light being" himself:

"According to the "Secrets of the Golden Flower", it takes 10 lunar months, which happens to be the same as the Egyptian's said, 9 solar months, same time frame, but at the end of this, at the ninth month, he literally becomes a light being. It's the breaking through of the cosmic egg, and he literally becomes a light being, capable of levitating and capable of bio-locating. To literally disappear here and reappear someplace else."

Hudson suggested that this gentleman would become a "light being" if he continued to take the powder for nine months in his 1995 Dallas lecture. A July 27, 1996 interview with this gentleman revealed that he started the fast "About two years ago". At the time of the interview he said "I still take material but I don't take it in that volume". He also admitted that he had not bio-located.

Despite these facts, David Hudson continued to imply that ingesting the white powder for nine months, after a forty day fast, would enable one to have some sort of ultimate transcendent experience. Hudson continued to imply this as late as his 1999 lecture in Dallas. When asked what had happened to the gentleman who had done the fast he said something like that the gentleman had quit taking the material before the nine months were up.

Here are the problems that I see might arise from some of these misconceptions:

People might think that a forty-day fast while ingesting the m-state materials will inevitably lead to "enlightenment". There is no evidence that this is true. In fact the gentleman who did the fast suggested that it was not true at all when he said:

"I knew what to do. But there are very, very few people who do. This takes place internally. It's an active process. You're not going to sit there and have this zip through you and all of the sudden these wonderful things are there. It can't be that way. That's not the way the circuit is set up in your system. Your chakras and realizations are not built that way. Nothing is built that way. And to expect something outside of that is absolute foolishness."

People often mistake the signposts of psychic powers and kundalini awakening for the destination. In a sense, there is no destination since this implies an end of change. If someone gets to a psychic or kundalini awakened space and hangs there then they are clinging to the signpost and will not be able to proceed on the road as long as they are attached to the signpost.

A kundalini awakened American engineer named Gary, in one of his private posts to me, described one of the greatest dangers of mistaking the signpost for the destination:

"Hudson's mind is not open to new ideas at this point, and he will stay like that for some time. Some of his associates can even be described as quite hostile towards my article, like the ORMEs-consumer interviewed on the moderated forum. Kundalini amplifies arrogance, just like everything else, and I find I still have problems with it myself, despite 7 years of steady work on it. One day, they will see it truly though."

This "arrogance" is something that might reasonably be seen as a correlate of the development of psychic "powers" in advance of an expansion of one's heart in love. I see love as the connecting factor in All That Is. It is the universal quantum coherent glue, which binds us all together.

I am sure that each of us can think of someone who has attained kundalini awakening or psychic powers yet her or his behavior remains aggressive and disrespectful. Both psychic abilities and kundalini awakening can be seen by the individual who achieves them as validation of their personal power to attract what they want. Their ego is fed by these things but their love suffers.

Despite his awareness of the problems associated with arrogance and kundalini awakening Gary wrote me the following in a note just before he died on July 4, 1998:

"I have nearly completed my preparations, to make a personal physical transformation. Nothing quite like this has ever been done before, throughout the history of all past ages of man upon this planet, thus success is by no means assured. But, these are times without precedent, and when much is at stake, the risks and costs are correspondingly high.

However, if like Jacob, I prevail with God, there will be a sign in the sky, beginning during that night separating July 3rd and 4th. The heavens shall then become red, like a refiner's fire, and you may safely watch this with everyone else.

If this takes place, it will be explained as the Earth unexpectedly encountering and passing through a cloud of energetically ionized krypton gas; such is to be acknowledged, but is only a small, ancillary physical-level effect, and hardly the First Cause. I will meet with you thereafter."

Another kundalini awakened colleague who is both a scientist and a mystic wrote the following after having some kundalini experiences triggered by m-state materials:

"The contacts that I have been getting from Gary have only intensified over the last few days, as I shared with you today. I feel there is a strong message here for all ORMUS seekers.

Far from everyone's expectations, the ORMUS material may end up addicting if used carelessly and more "binding" rather than "liberating". It does not, in fact, produce any "release" from the cycle of birth-and-death. It only lifts what is normally dense - our embodiment, our mental and habitual tendencies - up to a notch, to what is less dense, or more subtle.

The subtle qualities, as for example a kundalini arousal, a samadhi, or even a psychic faculty, are often aspired by everyone as indicative of "attainment". This could not be farther from truth. The Truth embodies everything, the subtle, the dense, and even nothing whatsoever. What is more dense - our reality - is not, in fact, one iota farther away from Truth, nor is the subtle any closer.

"Going into the light" means going into another realm of phenomena, however subtle it may be. In this regard it is still a realm of illusion. It has not, in fact, transcended birth-and-decay.

Even the complete destruction of ego, as Gary was often fond of saying, does not mean complete liberation. For, in the end, all of us still hold to a dharma, a truth, something to be expounded, a view. True liberation, the transcendence of it all, comes only when even the subtle views that we have of enlightenment, of each other, of a Truth however Universal it may seem, e.g., all this garbage that is our reality solidified, can be completely relinquished.

By grasping so firmly onto fine points that discriminate this hypothetical versus some other hypothetical, one clearly demonstrates that in the end there is still a view, something that needs to be explained, some theory to be explored, some truth to be shared, some attachment that needs to be severed.

This is all being written in fact for Gary's benefit and for anyone who thinks that ORMUS can bring short cuts."

Here is a final caution about this from another gentleman who has been described as a "Master Alchemist":

"Traditionally alchemists spent years preparing their students mentally for the internal application of such substances. Meditation, intellectual apprehension of divine process, a strict moral code and a deep understanding of self and the magickal nature of human relationships were considered necessary pre-requisites. I know from much personal experience that high end metallic preparations open ones mind to a vision of the true nature of reality very quickly. Most aspirants starting out on a spiritual path think this would be great - thinking that this process simply involves 'knowing cool stuff'. But the sad fact is that the Truth hurts, and the average seeker quickly discovers that they don't want the Truth and the "responsibility" that comes with it. Knowing the truth means acting in accordance with it or suffering the dreadful consequences. Until you understand how far away the average persons behaviours are from being productive - in line with the Truth - it is almost impossible to understand what I am suggesting here. In most cases arrogance will force persons forward and will have them taking powerful elixirs that in the last analysis will prove to be poisons for their unprepared systems.

Alchemists did not just die from inhaling mercury fumes, or from lead poisoning. They also died from taking the actual Elixirs and the Stone itself ... because they were not sufficiently prepared."